Professionally Trained Campus Aides, Safety Aides, and COVID-19 Safety Services.

Campus Safety and Security Services

ACMS Campus Safety and Security Services supports student learning by assisting districts and schools in creating and promoting emotionally and physically safe schools for staff, students, and visitors. Our programs include Campus Aides, Campus Safety Aides and School Safety Patrol services. Our creed “Keeping Children Safe” is our primary mission and we are committed to going the extra mile to ensure students feel safe within the scope of our presence. Our School Safety programs function as a clearinghouse for information. We assist schools and community organizations in addressing school safety issues. We also provide safety tips to assist and support prevention, preparedness, mitigation, intervention, emergency response, and post-incident recovery programs.

Service Options

Safety Aides

Campus Safety Aides are specially trained professionals that possess a variety of safety certifications. They serve as an extra set of “eyes and ears” at every school campus. For instance, Safety Aides monitor the school for hazards, oversee and help manage visitors on campus, and assist with drop off and pick up traffic.

Campus Aides

Campus Aides are warmhearted individuals that work closely with school personnel to supervise playtime and lunch activities. Our Campus Aides monitor student interaction, reinforce positive behavior, and cultivate a healthy environment. They are an extension of authority while also maintaining a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Why Campus Safety and Security Services?

Professionally Managed Staff
$10 Million Insurance Protection
American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certified
Eliminates Workers Compensation and Unemployment Claims
Employee Background Clearance
Relieve School Personnel of all Safety Duties
Relieve Staff of Program Management Duties
Eliminates Scheduling and Payroll Responsibilities
Frequently Asked Questions
Will our current Aides keep their jobs?
Yes, our goal is to maintain the jobs and site assignments for all current and qualified Aides.

How long does it take to transfer over the Safety Services program?
Once all contractual agreements are completed, we conduct a 3-4 hour orientation and processing meeting. At the conclusion of this meeting the transfer is complete.


Will you call on the school district to staff positions if you cannot?
No, we will handle all staffing challenges. We are contractually obligated to fill them.

Do you bring in Aides from other areas?
No, we typically recruit and hire from the local community.

Why do you need to know the wages of our current Aides?
To maintain their wages and incorporate them into our pricing.


What role does the school district play once we privatize the program?
Minimal, we handle all aspects of the program, but some districts may want to maintain a role in the program.


What kind of Insurance do we have?
$2 million in General Liability Insurance, $8 million in access and we also have auto insurance. The overall coverage through ACMS is $10 million.


What happens if an Aide is injured?
They are treated at a local medical facility. Additionally, an Incident Report is completed and forwarded to the school district.


How are problems and complaints handled?
We investigate and log all complaints and their resolution.


What is the term of the initial contract?
Typically, we contract from 1 to 5 years, depending on our client’s preference.

Interested in contracting with ACMS?

COVID-19 Safety Services

The goal of our COVID-19 Services is to maintain a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment that focuses on holistic, comprehensive, and actionable strategies for success. Our strategies integrate a variety of preventive measures to ensure cleanliness and COVID preparedness within any academic and social school environment. 

Partnering with us is simple. We bring resources, partnerships, and the “know-how” to provide quality risk mitigation strategies and services to clients. We seek to partner with school communities that may not have the capacity to tackle the entire pandemic response but want to assure parents, states, and local governments that their schools are safe in a COVID-19 environment.

The Four Components Of Our COVID-19 Services

Cleaning and Maintenance

Potentially Contaminated Material Pickup and Disposal

Campus Entry Screening

Faculty and Staff Training

Our implementation process is designed to empower your team and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your “return to the classroom” process, reduce potential COVID spread, and put you and your team on a solid path to a safe learning environment.

Contracting With ACMS is Simple and Seamless

We have over 37 years of experience privatizing safety services for schools nationwide.